– Four universities
– A team of cyber security researchers
– Greater Manchester businesses

A programme of business support specifically designed for SMEs

Increasingly, we are shifting into a digital world and having to face the problems that come with this. Specifically, businesses are facing new challenges in an ever-evolving market without the knowledge and infrastructure to sustain stability and growth. From taking care of clients and their data in the face of cyber attacks and adhering to new regulations to keeping designs and assets safe from the risk of security breaches.

This programme works with a broad range of businesses regardless of sector supporting the implementation of new products and services and helping to improve current systems and processes.

By working together, we’ll support SMEs with the best academic knowledge and insight to make a real difference to Greater Manchester, the North West and the UK as a whole. We’ll use our universities’ cyber security research to innovate and design new products and services. The programme is fully funded for eligible SMEs in Greater Manchester.

Whatever your business, Greater Manchester Cyber Foundry can help to improve your cyber operation.

“The opportunities through new technologies – smart devices, the Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0 – are unparalleled. We can use our research strengths in cyber security to increase resilience in new products and services to support business growth in SMEs.”

Keith Miller, Manchester Metropolitan University

Specialist facilities and equipment

By working with Greater Manchester Cyber Foundry, you’ll have access to specialist cyber security equipment and technology.

We have facilities that help us develop and test new products and processes for the global marketplace.

Our facilities include practical, reconfigurable research laboratories hosting commercial and industrial equipment that support security research on live systems. They have the ability to emulate both corporate IT infrastructures and operational process technology environments.

We also offer:

  • Secure network for testing solutions
  • Forensic work stations for malware analysis and forensic analysis
  • Encase forensic software

Did you know? Cyber attacks pose an £860m risk to the region’s businesses each year*.

If we use electronic data, systems and networks, we need cyber security. This is because we’re processing an increasing amount of sensitive and personal data. We might store our customers’ credit card details so they can make payments faster, for example. Or, our employees’ National Insurance numbers for their salaries.

Cyber security allows us to create a safer virtual environment to do business with our customers. Digitally secure operations, supported by cyber innovation, will help deliver growth and productivity.

*‌Estimates by the Lloyds City Risk Register.

Our university partners

Manchester Metropolitan University has research strengths in cyber security including:

  • cyber resilience of Internet of Things systems
  • applications related to blockchain
  • zero threat models to defend insider threats
  • file signature detection in cloud systems

Security Lancaster is one of the largest security research centres in the UK. We help businesses gain an understanding of cyber threats, how to counter them, embed cyber security practices and establish a cyber security culture to help support and protect the UK economy.

The University of Manchester has cyber security research clusters in:

  • privacy, trust, data protection
  • cybercrime, criminals, victims
  • workplace security
  • computer science and security
  • advanced mathematics

Cyber Security at the University of Salford spans computing, arts and business disciplines. Technical strengths in security and privacy, cryptography and threat intelligence are contextualised and explored through the application of data science and large scale data visualisation.