Case Study: House My Pet

House My Pet is a match making platform connecting pet owners with trusted, professional pet carers. The platform creates this connection through using information on the pets behaviour and needs to give the pet a true home from home experience whilst the owner is away.

Essentially it is the four legged version of! The platform covers a range of pets from small animals right through to cats, dogs and horses.

House My Pet have completed Phase 1 of the Greater Manchester Cyber Foundry Programme and are currently progressing on to the technical R&D stage.

Founder, Sheena describes her experience on the programme as a ‘massive help’ to her business as she now feels more aware and prepared for any possible cyber attacks on her platform which is a ‘relief.’ We are currently working with Sheena to further develop automation within her platform.

“The programme has helped me massively! I am now confident in a subject I had no idea about until I came on this course and I have made some great contacts. I am now receiving further help with the software development, this is amazing and I am so thankful!”

Sheena Evolution, Founder.