Your chance to defend, innovate, grow. Episode 1

Now more than ever, we are shifting into an ever-evolving digital world and having to face the problems that come with this. With a reported increase in cybercrime, since COVID-19, Greater Manchester Cyber Foundry aims to support SMEs in Greater Manchester, by exploring the fundamentals for a cyber-safe digital future.

With no cost to participants, regardless of your industry sector, Greater Manchester Cyber Foundry has designed this webinar to explore how to put cybersecurity at the heart of your SMEs growth strategy, ensuring you defend, grow and innovate against cybercrime.

Join the Greater Manchester Cyber Foundry experts, from four North West universities: Manchester Metropolitan University, Lancaster University, the University of Manchester, and the University of Salford, as they discuss how to prepare for a digital future.

In this episode, the following topics are being delivered:

In cyber security there is no such thing as human error –by Prof. Daniel Dresner from University of Manchester

Cyber security – do you know the enemy – by Dr Rupak Kharel from Manchester Metropolitan University

Cyber Innovation – It’s cyber, but not as we know it! – by Jon Lomas from Lancaster University

COVID-19 and Cyber Security Implications – Dr Thomas Martin from Manchester Metropolitan University

Episode 2 to be announced shortly!