At this years Digital City Festival we are joining forces with the Greater Manchester AI Foundry to discuss ‘Driving the Local Digital Revolution’

14th April 2021, at 1:00pm

Manchester aims to be the heart of the new digital future, our Foundries, a partnership of four universities: Manchester Metropolitan University, Lancaster University, The University of Manchester and University of Salford, aim to help SMEs boost business and accelerate into this future.

The digital evolution impacts every sector and now more than ever, small to medium sized businesses can often feel overwhelmed, lacking the resources, the expertise and the facilities to take advantage of new emerging technologies. 

Drawing on their individual specialisms, join the Greater Manchester AI Foundry and Greater Manchester Cyber Foundry as they come together to share with you unique insights into how each Foundry works, the opportunities for forward thinking SMEs to innovate and evolve, and how they work with the SME community to drive both regional and national digital priorities! 

Both foundries are part funded by the European Regional Development Fund.


Roxy Lawton, Greater Manchester Cyber Foundry Lead Project Manager from Manchester Metropolitan University

Sean Brophy, Greater Manchester AI Foundry Lead Project Manager from Manchester Metropolitan University

Sara Simone, Director at Digital Oracles, Greater Manchester Cyber Foundry & Greater Manchester AI Foundry business alumni