Interview with our Alumni, TRADELECTRICAI LTD


Throughout COVID19 our technical team has caught up with Tallat Azad, CEO of TRADELECTRICAI to discuss how their innovation has taken shape and the impact of the Greater Manchester Cyber Foundry programme on their business!

Project Highlights

Bringing the benefits of AI into the Energy market, by developing an AI machine learning tool to better predict short, medium- and long-term electricity pricing and predict market behaviour. This will enable any asset to manage both merchant risk, which is becoming more problematic, navigate the complex nature of the market, maximise asset profitability and effective balancing.

A perfect synergy of industry & university working together to innovate. Two expertise’s merged to see the benefit of the AI on the energy market intelligence. TradeElectric bought the understanding of the energy market and trajectory of the market whilst the Greater Manchester Cyber Foundry bought the AI, programming and cybersecurity expertise.