Programme Modules


Each workshop is a full day, typically 9:30am – 4:30pm.

You’ll attend with the other participants in your group, giving you the opportunity to network and learn alongside your peers.

At the first workshop, we’ll introduce you to the programme and our online learning platform, Open Learning.

You’ll attend knowledge sessions on Cyber Innovation for Growth and Cyber Security/Protection. And, you’ll develop your own Business Model Canvas (BMC).

At the second workshop, we use the information from the Driving Forces online module and explore the Intuitive Logics model.

Business Model Canvas

This practical task helps you to capture and develop your core business proposition.

Intuitive Logics

You’ll work in a group to explore future business scenarios that use cyber security research and innovation.

We’ll create a report with the collective knowledge and scenarios, to help you further develop your business ideas.

Online learning modules

Using our online learning platform, you’ll complete a series of modules. These build on the workshops you take part in and help us to provide you with suggestions to move forwards.

Each module typically takes 30 minutes to complete.

Cyber Essentials

You’ll assess where your business currently lies in defending your critical digital assets.

You’ll receive a report with guidance on how your business can improve or achieve Cyber Essentials Certification.

Innovation Audit

You’ll assess the innovation that currently exists in your business.

We’ll identify potential areas for improvement and provide you with suggestions to improve.

Absorptive Capacity Analysis

You’ll identify your ability to embed innovation in your business.

You’ll receive a gap analysis and suggestions to help you maximise growth.

Driving Forces

You’ll identify the driving forces shaping the environment your business operates within.

We assess this module against the PESTLE framework, and it’s a core part of the second workshop.

One-to-one session

This meeting is an opportunity for you to develop an action plan based on the tasks you’ve completed during the programme.

The session typically lasts one to three hours.