GM Cyber Foundry Programme Dates

We have upcoming workshops running throughout 2020 into 2021. To register your place or inquire in regard to a specific date please contact us.

Our workshops are delivered by the team at Lancaster University. They have a wide range of specialisms which you are able to tap into over the course of the programme. All workshops are ran in a group format and you will have the ability to network and connect with like minded businesses.

The programme is split into two workshop days and includes an element of online working allowing participants to access resources remotely.

Cohort 4 Workshop 131/01/2020
Workshop 221/02/2020
Cohort 5 Workshop 122/04/2020
Workshop 220/05/2020
Cohort 6 Workshop 117/07/2020
Workshop 207/08/2020
Cohort 7 Workshop 123/10/2020
Workshop 213/11/2020
Cohort 8 Workshop 122/01/2021
Workshop 219/02/2021
Cohort 9 Workshop 123/04/2021
Workshop 221/05/2021
Cohort 10 Workshop 114/07/2021
Workshop 204/08/2021

“The programme opened up access to people with a different skill set to me who could further our mission. The knowledge on offer throughout the programme is invaluable and you can implement it relatively quickly – I would recommend it to other people!”

Andrew Hankin, Hero Transformations