Tabs Khojani

Business Development Manager at University of Salford


Having worked on project management and delivery of ERDF funded SME programmes aimed at supporting business with international trade, innovation and sustainability for over 10 years, Tabs has extensive knowledge and experience in application of PRINCE2 project management methodologies.

In addition to this, Tabs has a great deal of experience in engaging with and building valuable strong, long lasting relationships with SMEs, strategic partners and stakeholders

What excites excites you the most about the programme?

“The journey we take businesses upon to open up a gateway for them to innovate which in essence gives them a competitive edge in the market. Furthermore, once we have helped businesses identify their innovation potential our technical team can also work with them to develop a prototype/proof of concept to validate their ideas. This takes the headache of having to find and deploy the right technical specialists to build the prototype/proof of concept away from the business.”

What would you say is the key benefit of the programme?

“Helping businesses understand where they may be vulnerable to cyber-attacks, equipping them with the right tools and knowledge to ensure they are protecting all facets of the business from cyber threats, helping them realise their potential to innovate and as a result, grow, become more stable and secure.”

Tabs Khojani |