Defend, Innovate, Grow.

Helped to prepare businesses across Greater Manchester for the digital future.

This programme has now finished. If you are looking for support to harness digital technologies explore the newly launched CDI programme.

The Greater Manchester Cyber Foundry helped small-medium sized businesses with business growth, stability and security. The programme was part funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

We were a partnership of four universities from the North West: Lancaster University, The University of Manchester, University of Salford and Manchester Metropolitan University.

Together we used our expertise to help defend, innovate and grow businesses in Greater Manchester. We focused on helping SMEs protect their operations and assets along with strengthening their cyber defences.

How did the Foundry impact the cyber security ecosystem across Greater Manchester?

The Greater Manchester Cyber Foundry launched in 2018 and supported:

  • 186 SMEs to prepare for a digital future
  • the development of over 60 new to market products and services
  • the development of 70 new to firm products and services
  • creation of new jobs

Hear from the businesses we have supported here>

“Through the work of the Greater Manchester Cyber Foundry, our world-leading universities are giving start-ups and SMEs the freedom they need to create and innovate, but within a digital environment that is safe and secure from cyber criminals.”

Andy Burnham, Mayor of Greater Manchester

“This project puts cyber security at the heart of an organisation’s business growth strategy, regardless of their sector. Cyber security becomes about growth and productivity not just defence against potential losses.”

Dr Daniel Prince, Lancaster University